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police identified the suspect as linwood johnson and that the two men knew each other. a maryland man who pleaded guilty to the stabbing of a pizza delivery driver will spend 20 years in prison. tavon brown entered his guilty plea in october for the murder of ghulam farooq. brown and his cousin ordered pizza from the shop where farooq was employed, then robbed him of his cash and car keys when he delivered it. that is when brown stabbed farooq in the chest. the cousin pleaded guilty to murder charges in september. jack johnson gets in a little more time before he has to start prison. a judge granted an extension because plans on where johnson will serve his sentence have not been finalized. the democrat was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for extortion and bribery. controversy out of the patuxent institution where a prisoner is soliciting pen pals over the web. nicholas browning is serving a -- a life sentence for the shooting death of his parents and brothers in 2008. he confessed to the killings but did not say much about what pushed him to the violence. but he seems more t
. [ applause ] by investing in our one-stop centers you're helping marylanders move from unemployment to reemployment. dave took the initiative to visit our one stop center. while training through pathways in cyber community at carroll community college, he participated in study groups and with hard work and resilience he recently landed a cyber security job. linda gill liss was also able to find a new job with the help of our state's one-stop centers. i want to share with you some of her own words. linda writes "i lost my job in the middle of june. being able to use the computers was a real lifesaver for me as i do not have the internet at home. the staff behind the desk at the one-stop center, state employees by the way, were always helpful. they read over my coverlet terse, thank you notes and applications, always giving good suggestions. what i feel helped me most was susan willy's coaching on interview technique. susan, a dlrr state employee, knowing when my interview was called me the day before to ask if it would be a help to me to practice some questions. i'm grateful to have
billion will be coming to maryland, part of a landmark $25 billion settlement with the nation's biggest mortgage lenders over the foreclosure crisis. sheldon joins us with what this all means for marylanders. >> when everything is said and done, marylanders will get $960 million to help distressed homeowners to that settlement. it is i know how many people could come forward, but the state attorney general predicts that tens of thousands of distressed homeowners will benefit. >> this is just a first step, a liberal down payment for the havoc caused by the behavior of the banks. >> the state attorney general is pleased to announce that maryland will be receiving almost a billion dollars as part of a mortgage settlement with the big it -- the country's biggest mortgage servicers. the banks have agreed to the settlement in response to a nationwide investigation into an acceptable mortgage servicing practices. >> we have almost a billion dollars for people who are on the brink of being foreclosed on or are under water, and another pulled for those who have already been foreclosed on. >> is
the port but for state of maryland. >>> baltimore, say hello to my cold little friend. tonight the winds will be a howling. after two days of beautiful weather we head i weekend with temperatures that are closer to normal. hello, wyatt. >>> a little bit of a reality check. we had severe thunderstorm activity, especially for deep south maryland, calvert cliffs and now just a few storms left, one storm flaring up south of cambridge but that appears to be diminishing. across the central part of the state there's not enough. a tornado watch for lower del mar vap and for deep southern maryland. wind advisories just about statewide. the winds will be picking up and kicking through midnight. we'll stay breezy. our high wind warning has been narrowed to extreme western maryland, mean garrett county. so we get an idea what's coming with the front. 40s, windy, some fog, some scattered showers showers. we'll talk billion how your weekend shapes up. >> bge is keeping a close eye on the winds. extra field crews are ready to roll, but bge said this would have to wait until after the winds di
the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> the same sex marriage bill passes both the house and senassate. what he up next for the bill. >>> congress picking up thebirth control debate even though they are not in session. >>> the school at the center of the injury sandusky scandal has been subpoenaed by the court. what prosecutors are asking for and who else could be the target of a subpoena. those stories are ahead. it's friday i am megan sprinkle. >> i am charley crowson. it could be a wet start to the friday across maryland. lynette. >> good morning. we did get showers earlier this morning. and then that's going to continue into the afternoon. we have a little break right now but check out what we have because i am calling this grab bag friday. put something into a hat and pick up the weather because we have a high wind watch and a wind advisory and 15 to 20 above average again for today. and more showers and storms are possible and we will have the temperatures falling so this is what it look like right now. here's wind advisory for the area shaded in this gray
neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> you might want to hurry. there's houses next door burning fast. the wind is blowing hard. >> calls as people routt reach out for help as winds whip up a fire leaving several firefighters hurt. >> i'm adam may. tonight, those firefighters are recovering and we're getting access inside frantic 9 # 11 calls as the blaze broke out. wndle live on the story tonight. here is the latest. >> those recordings were just released tonight. you could hear fear in the neighbors' voices as they brace for the wind to spread the flames. take a listen. >> it's about to start spread. >> reporter: frantic 911 callers got it right when they warneddispatchers wind was fueling a fire. >> the wind is belloing. >> it is windy outside. >> you might want to hurry. the wind is blowing hard. >> reporter: when firefighters burst inside the riverdale heights house, the gust turned the flames into a fire ball too create add blow torch effect. the fire was in the basement. that blow torch comes up the steps and creates a chimney out the front door.
. wjz, maryland's news station. >> love triangle. new information. >> for the first time in the murder trial we hear from the other man. >> what people are talking about tonight. >> a pattern of violence. witnesses describing a relationship of two lacrosse players. >> reporter: defense attorneys went into great detail picking apart the testimony trying to convince jurors that the native who was intoxicated died after a mutual fight and passed out from drinking and suffocated in her own pillow. the players had an on and off again relationship witnesses described as unfaithful. university player admitted he had a sexual affair with love. prosecutors also say he wrote love an e-mail saying i should have killed you when i found out about mike. other friends of the couple who took the stand testified they had growing concerns about his drinking and planning an intervention. >> in court we heard from one of the first responders that said his body was still warm when they got to the scene. the indication is she may have survived the injuries if someone arrived sooner. reporting, adam, wjz eye
>>> you're watching the station this works for you "good morning maryland. >>> whitney houston body is back if new jersey. her family must prepare to lay her to rest. >>> the george huguely trial reiewms and what's expected in court later today. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live in rucks to be war -- ruxton war floral shop is -- where a floral shop is preparing for last-minute deliveries. >> those stories are ahead. it's valentine's day. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. do you need an umbrella tonight? now over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> we look to maryland's most powerful radar and it looks active out there this morning. but you know, we are dealing with not so much and in manchester we have a mixture here but after talking to walter he says that he nothing touching the ground and the air is too dry. going towards the east, around rising sun port deposit in elkton once again, spoke to pam on facebook and she said nothing is happening around cecil county so thanks for that information again. that air is too dry to be reaching the ground and evaporating bef
, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> good morning. and welcome to "eyewitness news" this saturday. i am gigi barnett. >> i am tim. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it's cool outside and you expect that for february. we are smack in the middle crossing over into the second half of the month. >> but really clear beautiful. saw the moon tonight. >> a nice start to the day and it will be a gorge outs one -- gorgeous one like yesterday. look at that sky. it's just clear. hard lay cloud anywhere. we will -- hardly a cloud anywhere. we will see clouds ahead of the storm system we have been talking about. and there's the moon we have been talking about. it's a gorgeous day to see the stadiums lit up. 30 right now at bwi marshall. 32 on the shore. and we are consistently across the area for the most part in the 30 degree range. 27 over towards cumberland. high pressure in control that will ease off to the east. but mild air for today still in the forecast. our temperatures are going to start off in the 30s. and then we will go up to a high of around 50 degrees. in the low 50s around m
. >>> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> historical heist. >> hear how a sharp-eyed maryland librarian unraveled the whole plot. >> hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the man behind a multi-state scam pleads guilty here in baltimore. we are live at federal court and we explain how the crime spree was stopped. >> reporter: prosecutors say 63-year-old barry landow had been plotting this scheme for years and we're granted access to the maryland historical society where the scheme all fell apart. he claims to have one of the largest collections of presidential memorabilia in the world. now he admits nearly half of it is stolen. his crime spree ending at the maryland historical society. >> it was a small operation and saw they had a golden opportunity to rob us blind. >> reporter: the librarian grew suspicious of landow and his colleague during a july visit. >> they didn't seem trust worthy. >> reporter: he snuck up a back stairwell on to the balcony to get a better look. as l
. now it's complete coverage, wjz, maryland's news station. >> winter blast, snow falls on maryland making roads slick and slippery. >> now an overnight freeze could bring problems for the morning commute. >> winter weather hits parts of maryland. wjz is live. bob has more on the temperature drop but we're going go go straight to may again -- megan with latest on road conditions. >> now wet roads combined with temperatures could mean the worst is yet to come. a deadly accident and now police are trying to determine whether weather played a part in this crash. rescue workers tried to free the other driver. >> the weather is just too bad. >> reporter: road crews throughout the region worked to keep up through the rush hour. >> you know it's snowing. >> reporter: drivers in carol county battled low visibility. school officials canceled all after school activities. here in frederick it's sticking to the grass but not to the roads. with moisture on the roads it could all slick over. we're preparing for a long night. >> they're going to freeze. we'll probably have some calls. >> reporter:
>>> wjz, maryland's news station. >> making history, maryland is on the verge of legalizing same sex marriage. >> the closed vote and final step that will make it official. >> hello everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a bill to allow same sex marriage in maryland. the governor aexpected to sign it but that may not be the end of the story. we have more on the big step. meghan. >> reporter: well, it was a big vote in the senate. very tight 25 in favor and 22 against. it is a major victory for supporters of same sex marriage. with that, the bill to legalize same sex marriage goes to the governor's desk. >> this has been a difficult issue for many people but we came together and we're moving forward. >> it's just a remarkable day for the people in the state of maryland. >> reporter: the torn senate president mike miller voted against the bill. >> there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: many opponents competent they'll be able to get same sex marijuana on -- marriage on the ballot in november. >> this day will change our lives forever. we'll be able to tell o
. maryland's safe haven law allows parents to turn over a baby to a responsible adult within 10 days of birth without facing prosecution. experts say it it is hard for many overwhelmed parents to find now about the loss. >> we don't have the senate in maryland. you can drive it around the state for days on end and never see a little blue sign that symbolizes safe haven of a ws -- safe haven laws. >> in to date's "session at 2012" coverage, legislation for child abuse at maryland the hartford county republican senator nancy jacobs is pushing a bill that makes it a misdemeanor crime for a person to knowingly fail to report suspected child abuse or neglect. >> we want to be able to save a child who has been a victim of abuse. many times it goes unreported. >> under the bill, a person could face a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. the decision to enforce religious affiliated groups to cover contraceptives in their health care plan has the aba administration under fire. the catholic church says it is a violation of conscience and republicans are calling it an attack on religious freedom. gop lawmake
of a snowstorm in maryland, but we knew it had to hit us to directly bring that snow. it looks like it is impacting to the south, and that means minimal snow chances here in baltimore. the bulk of the storm down in the southeast. just the northern fringe of it has the possibility of bringing a rain-snow mix. 38 degrees the current temperature. for today's forecast, mostly cloudy skies. the southern part of the state may see a little accumulation. we will talk about that and tell you about the warmer weather in the seven-day when we come back. >> thanks, ava. after two weeks of intense testimony and several delays, the defense and prosecution have rested in the george huguely murder trial. >> the former lacrosse player is accused of killing his exgirlfriend, u.v.a. student yeardley love. >> after defense and prosecution arguments, a jury must now decide whether george huguely killed yeardley love on purpose, unintentionally, or simply not at all. before george huguely's fate was to be put in the hands of a jury, the defense called one last medical witness. a neurosurgeon said in his
on both? details when we continue. you watching "good morning maryland" we are first and only at 4:30. as we go to break, we will go back to new york with a live look at times square. we continue in a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> thanks for joining thus morning. look at this cold snap creating major problems all over europe triggering rare snowfall. this is rome forcing heath row ailed in london to cancel flights. ukraine hit the hardest. officials say at least 122 people have frozen to death there. other cold related deaths have been reported in poland, serbia and romania. >>> in canada, residents found a way to
>> we still have people in maryland that are at risk. >> delays in a state system give doctors charged with heinous acts the chance to keep practicing for months, even years. our abc 2 news investigation into bad medicine in just five minutes. >>> already a little chilly out there tonight. what we have, more spring weather or is winter on its way back? abc 2 news with the answer right now. >>> first tonight, is one of the area's biggest mall safer than before. >> four people are in custody charged with killing a young man outside the towson town center. we're live outside the mall tonight with more on how investigators tracked them down. >> reporter: the murder of rodney pridget shot and killed outside the nordstrom's department store here at townson center. officials say there's a big difference between this murder and another one that happened nearly seven years ago. investigators say one of the suspects spotted the victim, rodney pridget, shopping at nordstrom's less than a week before christmas. that suspect called three other men who came to the mall. >> they went to the m
today. we have that rain on maryland middle east powerful radar. we will have a break but before that let's take a radar tour. heavier rains around port deposit. and all this is crossing i-95 to havre de grace. aberdeen getting nonet action and more into bel air. and we slide further to the south and or not bowie and mitchellville yellow which is moderate rain. and this is pushing towards annapolis this morning. highland beach, shadyside and deal this is pushing across the bay so once it does that, well, then, we will start to dry out. but the bay is going to get wet. heading out the door this morning, i need you to grab the rain gear because we will get a break in the afternoon but we are feeling it this morning. temperatures not so bad. that's the silver lining. we have 50s out there. good morning westminster. let's check the traffic now with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. even with the rain out there, still not a lot of problems for you heading out for the morning drive. now we are getting reports traffic volume getting heavy on eastbound i-70. no repo
charges he is facing. >>> and maryland congress will men. the congressman was recently named a ranking member of the intelligence committee. we caught up with him to get his take on the arrest of the possible terrorist operation. >> this is an individual that we call a lone wolf. we have not seen any contact yet with al qaeda or an extremist group. these individuals hate america. they did not like what we stand for and they're willing to give their lives for their cause. when you are a lone wolf, it is difficult to find out who they are and what they are. >> as sally kidd mentioned, he made a brief appearance in federal court in alexandria, and the judge set a bail hearing in the case before wednesday at 2:00 p.m. >>> maryland delegates have just begun to convene for a final voting session on same-sex marriage. the meeting was scheduled for this afternoon at the state house, and that is where sheldon is. what is the latest? >> the vote could come at any moment. they reconvene about 30 minutes ago, taking turns speaking. the vote is expected to be quick, but it will definitely be close.
with maryland governor martin o'malley. his address is 33 minutes. >> thank you very much. thank you all very, very much. let me begin by thanking god for the goodness of maryland, for her natural beauty, for the goodness of her people, for the hope that we see in the eyes of each of our children. let me also begin by thanking the men and women of maryland who serve in our country's armed forces. [ applause ] >> i also at the outset want to thank the parents and the loved ones of our fallen heroes for the sacrifice that they have made and that they continue to endure. thank you, governor glendening and governor hughes for your continued service on behalf of the people of maryland. thank you, president miller and, and speaker xwush for so annually and effective live leading your respective chambers through these very challenging and difficult years of recess n recession. [ applause ] -- through these challenging years of recession and now jobs recovery. thank you attorney general gansler, thank you treasurer kopp, controller fran show for your work in protecting the dignity of every individua
-and- half for the weekend. let's talk about what's going on right now on maryland's most powerful radar. because we can see the rain pushing in across the area. we can see it moving into baltimore as of now. you're heaviest rain moving through rock hall at this time moving towards churchill and chestertown. lake shore getting in on the action as well. if your travels take you into dc be aware of that around alexandria. more of the same into silver spring and rockville and waldorf. i talk about visibilities and we will talk when the rain will end. that's coming up but now a check the traffic with and l.a. is it affect -- angela. is it affecting the roads? >> reporter: we are doing pretty good. dealing a couple work zones. overnight construction going on. 95 and 895 a especially 95 at the tidings bridge we have taken out two lanes in both directions. traveling on the harrisburg expressway, looking pretty good. at shawan road, the north view is clear with no delays. and if your early travels include a trip around baltimore beltway. here's west side 695 at baltimore national pike. remember
-95 northbound shut down. this is at route 80 near the maryland toll house. be aware that we have a tractor-trailer fire. if you're heading out of town, heading to pennsylvania, even new york, your i-95 is shut down at this time. going to keep watching both accidents for you. traveling in the district, we had new york avenue shut down at florida avenue. that looks to be open right now. so again, if this is your commute, you're good. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at both the accidents. over to tom. we have a lot of fog on the road. how long is this going to last? >> all the way to mid morning. thanks. we have dense fog. it's really thick. in fact, right along the president obama, right where reagan national is located. south and east, much of southern maryland has very dense fog. visibilities are down to near zero across parts of central virginia. right now, we have it near 40 degrees at washington. in the mid 40s elsewhere across much of west virginia, virginia and maryland. and the densest fog, here's the latest visibilities. down to 1/3 of a mile at reagan national and
councilman -- wicomico. over 50 miles an hour, baltimore, central maryland and visibility is reduced, so drive with care as we see the fog hold up. you can see the winds are coming up, 20 in winchester, 16 in oakland. they will be overspreading the entire state. if the president if around northern maryland, 70s still in southern maryland but rainy, foggy, thunderstorms to the east. we'll talk about how things shake out. >>> the man who was stabbed during a road rage is being charged as well. jeffrey neil furlough is charged with two counts of first degree assault. furlough was driving an suv and got into an argument with the driver of another car. furlough got stabbed by the other passenger. furlough held the passenger. sudbrook was arrested. although furlough wasn't arrested, an arrest warrant was issued? >> it's been two days since george huguely was found guilty in the murder of crerd yerd. now one of the jurors is talking about the decision. >> reporter: the first juror is talking about how he and fellow jurors felt. he said the hardest part was looking at the pictures but now feels
, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> in a jury's hands, was it a fight gone wrong or murder? tonight, attorneys in the uva murder trial make their case. good evening. i'm andrea fujii in for adam may and here's what people are talking about tonight. a maryland man west with the jury. wrapped up the case of a murder trial. george hughly is accused of murder. adam may has the latest. >> reporter: a wide range of emotions. the prosecutor broke down in tears as he revisited the final moments of his life. george hughly looked a little nervous. he was fidgeting as yardly's final moments of life were discussed in closing arguments. in the off campus apartment when hughly kicked in her door. imagine what that was like. she's freaked out, in the corner of her bed, trying to get away. love couldn't scream because hughly covered her mouth and showed the beaten face autopsy. you could hear crying in the courtroom. even the prosecutor broke down in tears how she was found face down in her bed. he took the computer with the threatening message. when hughly threw the comput
neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, wjz, maryland's news station. >> convicted. the jury finds the lacrosse family guilty. >> the punishment he faces and the family's final words. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the jury quickly reaches a verdict and sentence. they recommend george spend decades in prison. wjz live. adam in virginia. >> reporter: that sentence was just handed down a short time ago. george could be in prison until he is 50 years old and just moments ago attorneys on both sides walked out making their first public comments since the trial began. >> george convicted of second degree murder dodges the worst punishment but could face up to 26 years in prison. they ruled the lacrosse player beat his girl friend, love, to death in her apartment in may may 20/10. hughly was obsessed after learning she had slept with another lacrosse player. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. they could have been more helpful throughout the process of preparing
of mixes that did not stick at all. you can see western maryland getting wintery type showers, most of the radar returns, central maryland, are not touching the ground, in other eva way down. our winter weather advisory m;cross the state, washington county and garrett, storm warning in the high elevations. 30s to the west, 40s to the east. showers we get in the short- term, across central maryland, baltimore will be rain showers, we think changing over quickly in to the overnight. than last several. you can see the snows out to :s)hfor xpoklight rain ulanw showers, but weather will deteriorate in to the overnight hours, and by the way, continue to track this system as it moves in using our iphone, talk about our abc2 news weather app, download that or our abc2 news application, get the powerful radar 24/7. back with more weather in a minute. gjñ >>> with the colder temperatures, baltimore city has issued a cold blue alert for this weekend. cold blue require it is ten emergency shelters open for extended hours and efforts made vulnerable in the cold weather. >>> developing story t
cell ppone as her seven year old brother was being loaded onto the buss it is against maryland law to pass a stopped school bus while it'' lights is extended. and it's stop arm - 3 enough cars are gonna go gonna end up bieng an accident somebody is gonna get hurt... state law ill allow enforcement agencies to place cameras on school busses to capture drivers who illegally pass busses, but those cameras pre not being used in ballimore county. the.../ yeardley love... murder trial.../ is...seriously... set... ack...// ááafferáá an.,.. unexpected illnes. illness. joy lepola.../ was... in the courtroom, .../ áásheáá... has... theelatest.../ from charlottesvilll. charlottesville. former... governor ...bob .../ ááwilláá not... be going.../ ááforáá his attempts .../ to... &pinfluence... the outcome.../ of... an election. electioo. instead, .../ ááaaá baltimore... circuit judge.../ today, .... áásentenceeáá paul schurick.../ to... 30-dayss../ home detentiin.../ ááandáá... orde
county, according winchester, panhandle of west virginia and western maryland for the morning. and partly cloudy. 40's to near 50 right now. 72 this afternoon. mid 70's farther south of the metro later on today especially in fredericksburg. and fredericksburg thunderstorms between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and some storms could become severe especially in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia and through the middle peninsula towards tidewater. some storms could contain hail and damaging winds. it will be very gusty this afternoon across the board. around and death and time the wind will be increasing. gusts 50-60 miles an hour later on today. highs in the a upper 40's this weekend. >> a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in maryland now on its way to the governor's desk. >> the state senate approved an historic legislation yesterday. the free states will be the eighth state with equal marriage rights. brianne carter is live in annapolis with details and why opponents say this fight is not over yet. >> that's right. that's exactly what they are setting. it has been a contentious
more tonight from annapolis. >> this makes maryland the eighth state in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriage and the fourth state legislature to do it in the past year. same sex marriage supporters rejoiced. >> the house received a constitutional vote. >> the senate took up the house version of the bill which passed by the narrowest of margins last week, only after what the man did and after several delegates dramatically switch their positions. >> how you go forward with all the references applied to husbands and wives, applied to the same sex marriage? >> my religious beliefs, you do not change those. and i am not changing them today. i believe that marriage is between a man and woman. >> under the guise of introducing amendments, opponents launched into what resembled a filibuster. one explanation alone lasted 25 minutes. >> i have not even giving you the footnotes and the citations on it. >> the droning on and on, in my opinion, has not affected the votes. >> the chambers balcony's full of spectators. >> a state senator i would be thinking highly of myself if i thought
will talk about that later. but right now maryland's most powerful radar is dry and it will stay that way through the rest of today. 43 right now in easton. and we are looking at temperatures right around 40 in goldsboro and 41 right now not dealing with the wind chill. the wind will pick up more as we go throughout the day. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning how are the roads looking first and foremost. >> reporter: good morning. wonderful wednesday i like what you said. that's what we are looking for. on the roads for your commute other than the overnight maintenance work we have got going on one area to report. traveling through the jessup savage area on washington boulevard route 1, water main work at mission road between route 3 # and 175. -- 32 and 175. let's look at outside. 95 just south of the city. looking pretty good making your way to 695 and here's what you will find on 695 at baltimore national pike. charley and megan over to you and good morning. >>> hundreds of homes are without heat this morning. it's from a gas main that broke yesterday. >> and linda so is
defined line sleet ande rain, the the snow. time.snow at this southern maryland has and all rain event. for a little bit of across the immediate metro area. will move into the overnight. how much can be expected? when will this move out of here? have full details coming in just a few minutes. our storm watch coverage continues tonight. starting toes is of the snow moved in. >> we are here in clarksburg, been snowing for hour now. part of an we look over to that tree over there. concern is the rose. we have some video to show you. the big concern roads. the highway crews say they are down salt on some of the slick spots. in places out west like colorado, it was a lot worse today. winter is striking back. >> it has been horrible. just going down the highway at 35 miles an hour. a >> we could plow if it was just snow. brings it right back. >> in kansas and iowa, drivers white-outs and slippery roads. truck drivers are trying to withstand the blizzard conditions. denver airport personnel are get back ono schedule after more than 600 flights were cancelled. >> it gets frustrating, b
down in western maryland, but as we can see, there is still somewhat snowed to contend with. it might get a little tricky with falling temperatures. 33 and parked in an cockeysville, 32 in westminster. where it is close to freezing, winter weather advisory remains in effect for another hour or two. potential is there for an injured to a slushy snow to accumulate. that means it is before an inch bork's two. the tail -- 4 and -- that means the potential for an inch or two. >> as you mentioned yesterday in the forecast, you said it would be snowing today, but it did hit the sidewalks and is melting. so far, that is the case here. you can feel it is getting colder. there is one thing road crews have plenty of right now, that is all. this mild winter has called for very little use of the stuff, and salt domes and the city to the county are full. what the state has been doing before the snow is pretreat the road. >> what it does is sprayed a thin layer of concentrated salt water on the roads and it creates a fella that prevents the initial and bonding of -- creates a faifilm that preventse
is a member of the maryland national guard unit deployed to iraq, kuwait, and afghanistan. they did maintenance on blackrock helicopters. >> it was rough, but i was honored he could serve our country. i did what i needed to do to keep the home front going. >> our son was so excited when daddy came home. he will not leave him alone. everything is back to normal. it is great to have the family back together. >> soldiers in the aviation maintenance unit were honored with a ceremony. as each soldier crossed the stage to be recognized, family members snapped pictures from the crowd. >> it is good to be appreciated and get recognition for my service and time away from my family. >> it is nice to honor the soldiers for serving their country and let them know we do appreciate giving their lives for our safety. >> the soldiers were happy to report there were no casualties during the recent appointment -- deployment. a special thank you to all of them for serving our country. >> anne arundel county police have arrested one of their own after learning he allegedly tipped off a group of suspect
in maryland even though the technology comes from here in the u.s.. >> still to come, a bus crash in maryland caught on tape. we have details on the head on collision and how the bus driver is doing today. plus, punxsutawney phil makes his appearance. are we in for six more weeks of winter? and a man buried in a trench in california. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a dramatic rescue was caught on tape after a man was buried in a trench in california. he was working in a home in brentwood when he fell in the trench on wednesday. it took crews more than an hour to pull him out. the man was conscious and alert and was rushed to the hospital. newly released video shows a horrific crash between a metrobus here in maryland and a pickup truck. you can see the truck crossed the median and hit the bus had on. investigators are not sure why the truck crossed the median. the bus driver did her best to try to avoid the collision. the crash happened back in december and killed the truck driver. the bus trip is unde
maryland and west virginia later on today. you'll notice the breeze today but it will not be overwhelming. temperatures will be springlike the next few days. 60 degrees tomorrow and well into the '60s lingering into early friday. what about the commute? >> knowing and-- >> overnight construction moved out of the way. nicely around richmond and baltimore and to the airport. all clear on 81, 66 270 thomas 70, and coming out of southern maryland. green light on 95. normal travel times between fredericksburg and dale city between dale city and the beltway. also good on the maryland side. the beltway at new hampshire avenue in this picture, moving at speed. newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. >> a busy night for an investigation in prince george's county. try to piece together the events leading to a deadly crash at kfc restaurant. >> it happens in landover on martin luther king highway. witnesses had to say about this terrific crash. >> it knocked down air pumpsi and everythingairt took up the bushes and went all way over to the restaurant and turned into a ball of metal. >> it sta
of maryland. that's what we'll be watching over the next couple of hours. one thing we'll all feel, though, winds are really cranking. a wind advisory is in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow for almost everyone. there is still a winter weather advisory in effect for baltimore and harford county until 7:00 p.m. but we're treal transferring over to that wind situation, as we said. here are numbers. these are sustained winds, generally 20 miles per hour. not quite yet. we have that band to go through. and as soon as that happens, those are also going to be picking up. look at the gusts, 41 miles per hour. that's bringing in very cold air tonight. we will have your forecast coming up. adam? >> coming up, more details in a moment. thank you. >>> an emotional day in washington, where a public funeral was held for charlie and braden powell. investigators say the boys were killed in a house explosion set by their own father. >> amazing grace ♪ >> reporter: prayers echoed in the walls of this children, in honor of 7-year-old braden and 5-year-old charlie powell. hundreds attended the memorial for t
for maryland. we're looking at what lies ahead now. the lawmakers approved a plan to legalize same-sex marriage. >>> good morning, welcome back to "news4 today," i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is friday, february 24, 2012. let's take a live look at 5:00 a.m. 54 degrees. the calendar says february. we've had the whackiest weather. today we're going to get all kinds of weather coming into the area. who's going on? >> it's going to be a bumpy ride. we're going to have a lot of changes in a short amount of time. right now after we've had overnight thunder and lightning south and west of washington, south and east, as well, way off to the west where you see the moving color, that's an area of light rain. areas of yellow and orange, that's where there's been thunder and lightning. but that's beginning to break down now as it moves toward the panhandle of west virginia. they are getting light rain now as well as northern shenandoah valley. closer to washington, that area of light green, a few sprinkle northwest washington into montgomery and howard counties. that's heading north and east. and temp
to east, except for all along the far western maryland, the highest winds have shifted further east. that will continue. the wind gusts are in the 20's and teens of to our west. that is still producing wind chills at 10 degrees below the air temperature. we will talk about how cold it gets to night and another warming trend coming up in a minute. >> baltimore county officials say citizens can report minor crimes online. haqqani plans to demonstrate the new system monday at the north kudo police precinct. the on-line reporting tool is available for hit-and-run and trees, abandoned vehicles, and death. martin o'malley will sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage next thursday, making marylanders the a state and the nation to legalize same-sex unions. opponents of the bill want to bring the measures to a vote on the november ballot. to do so, they will be to collect 55,000 signatures. the governor is spending the weekend and washington discussing other issues affecting maryland. he joined his colleagues at the national governors' association winter meeting. one issue is the use of ren
>>> lacrosse murder trial. a young maryland woman killed at her virginia college. tonight, her boyfriend charged. >> tonight, the painstaking effort in finding an impartial jury. >> i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the brutal killing of yeardley love thrust many into the national spotlight. the murder trial of george huguely is unfolding at the scene of the crime. that's where wjz is live with the coverage. adam may has more on the difficult task of finding a jury. >> reporter: after two grueling days inside that courtroom, right now, we can report they are extremery close -- extremely close now to choosing a jury. this has been an extremely difficult process. that's because every minor detail of this case has been front page news for the last couple of years. a lot of people have had a lot of media exposure. and of course, that has led to some strong opinions. >> reporter: at the university of virginia, yeardley love and george huguely were popular students and lacrosse players. back in 2010, some friends grew concerned a
maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. and that's the way it will be as we go through the rest of today. but you know, we are dealing with some very cold temperatures this morning. so you need to bundle up bundle the kids up as they head out the door. it will be a little shock to the system. the temperatures are seasonable where we should be for this time of the year. but when we were talking about temperatures in the 40s and 30s last week, the 25 definitely cold into joppa andeaston around 26 and goldsboro coming in right around 25 degrees. and we are dealing with patchy fog as well. we have reduced visibilities from baltimore to easton. hagerstown and frederick and york pennsylvania have the low beams on heading out and about and i will talk about how warm it will get going into the afternoon. let's check of your traffic with and l.a. good morning how is the fog affecting the roadways this morning. >> reporter: we are getting lots of reports and seeing lost camera shots of foggy conditions out there. otherwise, we doing okay. just got a report of some type incident on the bw
camera fines in maryland. maryland there is a flat fee of $40 dc depending how fast you are going, you could end up with a $75 ticket for 1 mile over the speed limit, all the way up to $250 a ticket. >>> no matter how you look at it, speed cameras in dc are making big bucks when we say big bucks we mean over $30 million in a 7 month period. we spoke by phone with ginger car lynn who has four outstanding tickets from speed cameras. >> totals about $600 now. >> she says the camera here along branch avenue southeast is where she got the tickets it is the same spot where earlier this month, people gathered to protest this camera, at the bottom of a hill. >> the city already has a surplus of millions of dollars, and to continue to tax us like this is unfair. >> this online petition is another way people are trying to fight these hefty fines in the district here is a list how much it will cost you depending on how fast you are clocked but triple-as john towns end say dc leaders may never address the issue. >> it is most of the people, getting these tickets live outside the district so w
us at maryland traffic. charley over to you. >> it's straight up 5 and today governor o'malley will tackle a number of issues important to marylanders. he is giving a state of the state address so for a preview we turn to sherrie johnson. >> reporter: folks are interested to hear what the governor has to say he's updates us at noon on the condition of maryland. he will discuss how there's nothing more important for a family security and future than a job. and how together, we created over 30,000 new jobs last year driving our unemployment rate down to 6% -- 6.7%. our lowest in three years. hess agenda also includes capital programs to support 52,000 jobs, sill marriage protection act of 2012 and the creation of maryland affordable health care. now governor o'malley wants to hear from you. people can can view the address streamed live again the governor will give husband annual state of the state address at noon to the general assembly. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> and all new this morning, state delegate from baltimore is proposing a bill a missing children's plan aime
the increase in violent robberies. >>> maryland is on its way to become the eighth state in the country to legalize gay marriage. the bill will now head to the governor's desk. he is expected to sign it into law within the next few days. >>> howard university is giving the potential virus outbreak. 40 students have been treated for symptoms since wednesday. officials are advising students and faculty to wash their hands and surfaces. last week, george washington university reported 85 similar cases. >>> it's a disturbing and dangerous trend, children and strangers posting the picture online and asking if they're ugly. >> reporter: it's the unfortunate part of the world we live in. people basing their worth on what others think. not just in real life though, this disturbing trend has turned into a phenomenon and it's blowing up online. >> saying pretty or ugly. >> is it true? >> reporter: can you believe this? teens are up loading videos like these of themselves on social media sites like ewe tune asking a world -- on youtube asking strangers if they think they're ugly. >> i think kids a
to the state's books, thanks to to maryland casinos. the hollywood casino in perryville generated nearly $9.80 million in january. officials say the slot casino and ocean downs generated about $3.10 million last month. last year that brought $82 million to the state. >> as maryland lawmakers consider raising the gas tax, some experts are predicting the gas price to rise to at least $4 per gallon by may. >> kai reed is live in north baltimore with the latest on rising gas prices. >> gas prices have jumped 5 cents in maryland in the past week, a tin since nationwide. -- ken send10 cents nationwide. >> drivers are shelling out 43 cents a gallon more now than they were this time last year. >> this year, the increase has started sooner and has been a bit more risk than we typically see. part of it might be about the fear of rising oil prices in the future. >> the government will try to pass gas tax legislation in annapolis. >> i don't know if it will pass or not, but i think it is a good idea to this incentivize people from buying it be cars and get better gas mileage. >> it is going to hurt mor
noticias de las 11-de la noche... en maryland arrestaron a una banda de criminales esta madrugada, uno de ellos se dio a la fuga y la policÍa busca las victimas de estos malhechores silvana quiroz nos tiene detalles sobre esta noticias... silvana.. gracias mario, hoy se efectuaron arrestos en el a rea de silver spring de una posible banda de criminales que se presume pudieron haber tenido entre sus victimas algunos hispanos le sugiero que preste mucha atenciÓn a este reporte vea despuÉs de una persecuciÓn la policÍa del condado de montgomery realizo a tres arrestos a sujetos que se presume estari Ían relacionados con actividades delictivas blanca kleine danielle robinson de 20 aÑos, deonte felton de 18 fueron arrestados en el momento del choque. alex collin de 18 escapo del asiento trasero pero despuÉs fue arrestado sin embargo el cuarto pasajero del vehiculo se dio a la fuga blanca kleine la policÍa insta a la comunidad a denunciar si han sido victimas de estos bandidos . blanca si fue victima de estos sujetos es importante que se comunique con la policÍa y recuerde qu
, where commercial real-estate is headed in 2012. we w will take a regional look at virginia maryland, and d.c. from internet privacy to a big foreclosure settlement, and legislation making historyry in maryland. that settlement between the banks and d the torney general's, it was some $25 billion and will go to reduce foreclosures doug gansler is the maland attorney general. he ruled on thee constitutionality of sameme-sex marriaiage. now he is the attorney general going after google. doug gansler thank you for joining us. i want to get to the foreclosure agreement. this google issue is on the foforefront everywhere. pepeople startining to figure out what is going to happen to them on march 1. >> what google is doing is invadingng up on everyone's privacy.. the questi is it isis it propriate. >> on march 1, that is the date they have said. >>hat is ing on right now most people do not realize they can g go into your accounts and use your information to give e to advertisers. they are going to take all of their platforms and c combined it together so they will have a deep and rich pr
claims clack was operating a paving business without a license for 284 days in maryland. he is accused of offering no estimates or low balling customers and then overcharging them. the state says at least 16 people were hit in the scheme some charged as much as 20 to $30,000. >> very loudly i said this cannot be. well it's the first time mr. clack stopped talking. >> reporter: if clack doesn't show up in court today, the case will move on without him. and an administrative hearing judge will hear the case and issue a decision in the future. trial is set to begin at 8:45 this morning. linda so, abc2 news. >>> the man who plead guilty to -- pleaded guilty to killing a cat and beating another is in jail. ethan was sentenced to 36 months with all but three months suspend. the judge called him arrogant and says he doesn't care about anyone but himself. court papers show he is suspected of killing 5 other animals. >>> and later today, lawmakers will look closer at ways to better protect you and your family when it comes to identity theft. hearing comes on the heels of an abc2 news investigat
coverage wjz, maryland's news station. >>> music legend lost. ♪ and i wish you joy and happiness. >> whitney houston died shocking her fans around the world. >> good evening everyone. whitney houston was found dead inside of a hotel. it shocks the world. what police are saying about her sudden death. ♪ i'm every woman. >> reporter: whit whitney houston was americas sweetheart. her life came to an end here. she was pronounced dead in the room on the fourth floor. >> there were no obvious signs of any -- we are still too fresh, and it is being investigated. >> houston was schedule today ahere at a pregrammy party at the hotel. it is hosted by the music producer who discovered her. >> 1985 album was a hit factor and sold million, the song saving all my love for you, got her the first grammy for best female pop vocal. she became one of the top selling artists in pop music history with 55 million, even to the big screen to the bodyguard which featured i will always love you. but her professional successes were tempered by personal turmoil like her marriage to bobby brown. that div
into the 70's in southern maryland. there is a tornado watch in effect for southern maryland including st. mary's county and the lower eastern shore until 8:00 this evening. no reports of a touchdown yet. we will not focus on the thunderstorms as much as the wind. the wind could gust to over 50 miles an hour through the night. the winds are approaching from the west gusting at 30 miles an hour in western maryland. all of that is headed our way. let's check the doppler. the line of thunderstorms is on the lower eastern shore. we have seen some rotation with the storms down there. a strong storm is moving east at 50 miles an hour. around the baltimore area, we do not have as much thunderstorm activity as the wind expected to kick in. there will be much colder air for the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. >> we have breaking news in baltimore county. fire crews are on the scene of the blaze that damaged at least three homes in the colgate neighborhood. sheldon dutes has just arrived on the scene. >> the fire is under control. it is still an active scene. the road is blocke
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> history made in maryland, the legislature becomes the eighth in the country to give its stamp of approval to gay we learn and now it's just hours away from becoming law. >> and a fox 5 weather alert, high winds expected as our spring-like temperatures become a thing of the past. >>> braking news in the district, a robbery turn -- breaking news in the district, a robbery turns into a murder. >> sources tell fox 5 a man refused to turn over his chain and got shot. fox 5's laura evans is on the scene in northwest of >> reporter: for the most part the police presence is gone, the police tape taken down and the search for a killer underway. you can see behind me what is left over is a police van with some pretty intense lights set up. this is an attempt to try to keep these neighbors feeling a little bit safe tonight in light of what has happened here. what appears to be d.c.'s latest robbery has left another neighborhood on edge. as teams of officers and canines search for one or more suspects on the ground, a helicopter hovers overhead. police so
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> s good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is friday. >> sure is. >> it is 6:00 and it has been raining up here on tv hill. it does not appear to be raining at this moment down in the inner harbor. it is christie in for sharon and marty over at first warning weather. >> actually take a look at first warn p doppler weather radar. there is shower activity all around the inner harbor and more on the way. 48 degrees right now on tv hill. let's go ahead and take a look at the numbers that will show us about 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. it is going to be a warm day though. 66 at lunch on its way to a high of 74 degrees. that is the actual forecast for today. but it comes at a price. it is going to be potentially really wet and when you see that 65 this evening really windy. don, take it away. >> thank you we all know it is never routine on rus
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